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26- 680 Wierzbica , Rzeczków 32

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Tel./fax. +48 48 618 19 86

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e-mail: wakulasilo@o2.pl

About comapany

The „CELUTRANS” company was founded in 1995. The founder and it's present owner is Tomasz Wakuła.

The company is based in Rzeczków near Radom. The company is famous on the polish market for selling new and used cement semitrailers, silo semitrailers and spare parts.

We co-operate with foreign producers of semitrailers to transport loose material,
such as:

- FFB FELDBINDER based in Winsen Luhe - Germany
- SPITZER SILO FAHRZEUGE based in Elztal Dallau - Germany

We are reliable firm, dynamically developing, customer needs-minded and trying to come up to customer expectations . To this end, since this year, we have enriched our offer with hiring new cement trailers and silo semitrailers.

Please familiarize with our offer placed on our website. It will give you a view of our products and services and also make possible fast contact with us.

We guarantee nice and professional service and encourage you to cooperation